Energising Education

We have just completed two projects with similar aspirations; one for NESA, the National Energy Skills Academy and the other for ETZ, the Energy Transition Zone. 

For NESA, we produced a bespoke website, targeted at people considering starting a career in the renewable energy sector. The site allowed them to enter their educational and professional details and receive a list of courses they could undertake at one of the three NESA members – Robert Gordon University, NEScol and University of Aberdeen. 

To support the website we produced a series of six engagingcase study films that spotlight different jobs in the energy sector, for which we filmed a High Voltage Engineer, Wind Turbine Technician, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Heat Pump Installer and Hydrogen Safety Officer.  

The site has been well received with a considerable uptake in courses reported. Project Manager for ETZ, Lauren Braidwood said: “Signal have been great to work with. They were supportive in developing our project brief, flexible as our project evolved, and patience with our interviewees, to make our vision a reality. We are delighted with the website and videos Signal have produced for NESA, all of which truly captured the essence of what we aimed to achieve.”

You can check out the Pathways website here. 

For ETZ we filmed across Aberdeen to capture a range of stories from full- and part-time students at Robert Gordon University, NESCol and University of Aberdeen, together with the NESA Chair, Paul de Leeuw and an endorsement from Scotland’s Minister for Energy, Gillian Martin. We produced two ETZ films, aiming to help attract more people to careers in renewables, explaining the benefits of NESA funded courses. 

These inspiring stories highlight the diverse opportunities available in the renewable energy sector and highlight the importance of investing in a sustainable future. ETZ & NESA aim to bridge the gap between education and employment in the energy industry, offering valuable insights for those considering a career in this field. 

Signal’s commitment to storytelling, visual excellence, and impactful narratives are ever present in the work we produce. If you are interested in any of the services we offer, please get in touch today