Equinor Dogger Bank

We’ve produced two new bespoke 2D animations for Equinor Dogger Bank based on a previous series we created.

2D Animation Equinor

Five years ago, we began creating a series of office induction videos for Equinor’s worldwide offices.

Each stylish 2D animated film featured specific sequences related to each location.

Dogger Bank is the world’s largest offshore wind farm and Equinor are the operator. This is a multi-billion pound investment that will have the capability to power six million homes annually.

The animations are for visitors to the Dogger Bank office and Operations Base. The Operations Base also houses the control room that will monitor and manage 5% of the UK’s electricity generating capacity, which is produced by the offshore wind farm.

They will be played when people enter reception and includes all safety procedures relevant to working in the office and the warehouse. The results were a series of stylish illustrations to accurately reflect the various areas and work practices in each location.

We enjoyed continuing our work on this project with Equinor and look forward to future productions.

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