HydraTyphon 3D animation

HydraWell are an engineering company specialising in oil Well Integrity. Signal specialise in the production of technical and creative oil and gas 3D animations.  They commissioned us several months ago to make a the technical HydraTyphon 3D animation, which is specially designed for the plug and abandonment of obsolete oil wells.

We converted the original technical drawings into a photorealistic three-dimensional CGI model to show off its unique features and how the tool operates.

We are pleased to hear that HydraTyphon has now completed its final testing programme and the product has now gone to market and the HydraTyphon 3D animation has been put to work. Plans are in the pipeline (pun intended) for further animations over the next year.

Signal in Aberdeen produce animation for a wide range of sectors. These include 2D explainer videos, HSE visitor safety inductions, and marketing or 3D product animations.