Insight Green light for filming never went out

Green light for shooting never went out

Just like everyone else, we have had to adjust our working practices to accommodate the pandemic restrictions; Back in March Lockdown meant that we couldn’t film footage. Or rather, legally we COULD, but people didn’t want to be filmed. So, we went through a process of re-writing scripts so that they would work as animated films rather than live action. We produced a number of films this way (and they turned out rather well).

At the end of Summer, we began to see the return of filming (in September we shot for two solid weeks) with more clients enquiring about filming safely under the latest pandemic restrictions. So, here is some useful information that might help you decide whether you’re ready to let us film you:

  • At no point did the Government make it illegal to shoot (and the current restrictions in general are less severe than in March and April). This situation has not changed despite the Government’s ‘Rule of Six’, introduced in September, and more recently with the introduction of the second lockdown in England.
  • Film locations, including offices and even domestic homes, are considered to be ‘locations’ for the purpose of filming only.

There is plenty of guidance from film industry bodies such as PACT, the British Film Commission and the British Film Institute. In September the APA (Advertising Producers Association) issued a statement:

“The new [‘rule of six’] law does not apply to workplaces and does not affect [film] productions. You must still follow the Covid Shooting Guidelines, which include what the Government requires by law and good practice. …these restrictions are not intended to stop businesses from working and you can continue to shoot, on locations or in a studio.”

Signal Film Crew
Signal Film Crew

So, there is nothing to prevent filming as long as we are well prepared and careful. We have been filming safely in both public and private spaces, and it has been relatively straightforward – we tailor our precautions based on what we are shooting, and where.

Everything we do is being conducted under the usual safety conditions of 1-2m spacing, masks, provision of gel and wipes, and disinfecting equipment before and after shoots.
We are also doing Risk Assessments (we did these anyway) which now include Method Statements for C-19. And we have added a COVID-19 Health Declaration Form for all shoot attendees to sign, which includes Track & Trace information.

And there are additional mitigations we can impose before the shoot – for instance the clever choice of locations, scheduling and decisions about on-camera participants, or the use of graphics to substitute for ‘unfilmable’ content.

Most of this is work we would do under normal circumstances so, for us, shooting during the pandemic has been pretty much ‘business as usual’. But, if you’re still not convinced, we can always make you an animated video instead!

To find out more about shooting safely, or cost-effective animation, contact [email protected]

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Signal Film Crew
Signal Film Crew