We’ve learnt a few things over the years. In a fast-moving ever-changing world we thought it might be helpful for us to share our thoughts on some of the important considerations facing anyone creating corporate video, animation or digital media. We tried to keep it light, not too technical and squeezed in a joke or two. Well, we laughed. 

Green light for shooting never went out

Just like everyone else, we have had to adjust our working practices to accommodate the pandemic restrictions.

“You want to make a video?”

Video is a powerful and persuasive communications weapon. Before you start spending, there are a few things to consider…

Live Action vs. Animation

Congratulations on deciding to make a video. You are clearly a person of great taste and vision.

Let’s animate!

Millennials are shunned for having a shorter attention span – but the stats back up that it’s not just the millennials.

The New Normal

One thing we can say about ‘the new normal’ is that it is not, in any way, normal.