Laughter is the Best Medicine

What better way to foster team spirit than to have fun together? This is the philosophy of Ellon-based Ocura who produce furniture for medical environments including wards, theatres and waiting rooms throughout the UK. They know that a comfortable environment can actively assist in patient recovery.

Ocura also believes that a fun, caring work culture results in a more productive business, so much so that the word ‘fun’ is written into their Vision statement. So, when Ocura commissioned us to make a film that explained this Vision to their colleagues they wanted it to be, well, fun.

We wrote a script for a spoof corporate video that starts well but, in the course of several scenes, starts to go awry, in the style of TV’s ‘The Show That Goes Wrong’. The film starred two of the company’s Directors, playing exaggerated versions of themselves – one as the ‘straight man’ and the other as the ‘fall guy’. The scenes included some gentle stunt work, some slapstick and a redeeming conclusion that underlines the importance of the Vision.

We are grateful to all the Ocura team who agreed to risk looking silly in order to get the message across. It’s not often we meet clients who so happily throw themselves into their roles (literally, in one case) and we thank them for trusting us to do something a little different, all in the name of fun.

Ocura Film
Ocura Film