Making Learning More Playful

We interviewed both students and teachers about how they’re making learning more playful!

Working alongside VOX TV in the USA we filmed both teachers and pupils at Dyce Primary School in Aberdeen, for a video case study of their new teaching methods.

Dyce Primary School has undergone an impressive transformation from a failing school to a thriving one, by making learning more playful. By allowing both younger and older children time for unstructured free play and integrating hands on, playful strategies into academics, both students and teachers have become more engaged and more curious. They embark on school-wide expeditions with themes like “What Gives Us Power?” and “What Makes Us Unique?” and have created a community where everyone is a leader of their own learning. School has become more joyful for everyone, across the board.

The team at Signal interviewed both students and teachers about their experiences with this new educational environment. Students talked about what excites them and teachers gave their valued insight for the benefit of other educators who are interested in these new methods. We filmed this educational video with two 4K cameras over two days.