Rewarding Success

We’re thrilled to have won a Silver Award at the recent US International Awards for a film we produced for P&J Live. The film, titled “Back to Live” was commissioned to launch the reopening of the venue after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film was targeted at the general public who come to see large scale performances. At the time of filming, the venue had not yet reopened, so our team at Signal had to find a clever way to represent the excitement of a live event without being able to film real audience members.

Marketing Manager for P&J Live, Lynsey Shepherd, said, “We commissioned Signal as we knew they could bring our ideas to life. We wanted to build excitement for the return of live events in Scotland. The venue hadn’t hosted a live event for 18 months, so it was important to remind people that the venue was returning to its original purpose, delivering amazing live entertainment to the people of the Northeast”.

The US International Awards is an international film competition that has been running for more than 50 years and receives hundreds of entries every year from all over the world, which are judged by a panel of international judges.

For the 2023 competition there were hundreds of international entries, in 118 categories.

The P&J Live film has won in the ‘Marketing B2C’category and is one of 17 international awards Signal have won.

“We‘re thrilled to honour those that created unforgettable cinematic experiences. Signal’s accomplishment is a testament to exceptional abilities and serves as a beacon of inspiration for the creative community at large”, said Alexander V. Kammel, Director of the US International Awards.

Our Creative Director, Mark Turner said, “As a local business we’re proud to have been able to support one of our local venues. We created an energetic film designed to reflect the excitement and anticipation of customers visiting a live gig. Every shot has its own unique sound effect so that, under the music, the audio has its own rhythm which helps drive the film.”

The film was very successful, receiving thousands of views on social media. ASM Global, who manage and operate P&J Live, commented that “the films should be upheld as the benchmark for all ASM Global venues”.

Signal’s Managing Director, Jamie Baikie see’s this award as consolidating a series of successes this year, “I’m thrilled for our team to have won this award. We’ve secured 15 new clients so far this year, across several new sectors, including some high profile and varied projects, which has resulted in our turnover increasing by 20% compared to this time last year”.

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