Romar-Abrado Medusa Slim

We are pleased to complete our second 3D animation for Romar-Abrado, promoting their new Plug and Abandonment tool ‘Medusa SLIM’. As the tool works many metres underground, the only way to demonstrate it in action is with 3D animation.

Using the client’s technical drawings, we created a detailed and realistically rendered digital version of Medusa SLIM and inserted it into a stylised background representing the rock strata, deep below the seabed.

The film needed to match a previous technical 3D animation in the series made for Romar-Abrado, so the design elements were replicated (although this new animation has dispensed with the animated snake that featured in its predecessor!). The result is a stylish technical 3D animation that works equally well for marketing purposes.

Signal in Aberdeen are an expert video production company, who produce a wide range of 3D animated marketing and promotional videos.

Romar Abrado
Romar Abrado