The Difference Is Clear

We’ve produced a marketing video with 3D animation for Osso in Aberdeen.

Standing in muddy quarry in the rain sounds like the opposite of filmmaking glamour, but we at Signal are a hardy bunch who don’t mind a little drizzle, especially if we’re filming something that will have a massive positive effect on the environment.

Major engineering and construction projects use a lot of water, especially in the production of concrete and cement. The wastewater from these projects can be very toxic and sadly it is common for wastewater to be drained directly into natural watercourses, with catastrophic results for the environment.  New legislation is making water filtration a legally binding requirement of major projects.

OSSO is an engineering company that specialises in water filtration systems for large engineering and construction projects. Typically, the same filtration technology is used for all sectors, but OSSO have been developing specialist technology designed specifically for the construction sector. These units take wastewater and, through a combination of filtration and chemical additives, purify it to the point where it is safe to pump back into the natural watercourses.

The toxic elements are removed and disposed of safely elsewhere.

OSSO asked us to create a marketing video to help them explain and promote their unique technology. On an aptly rainy day we went to their secret Scottish test site to film their research team putting the prototype unit through its paces.  The addition of some tasteful CGI allowed us to explain some of the internal workings and other features.

We are now updating the promotional materials for the rest of their product range to bring them into line, with their recent rebrand. All that’s worth a bit of drizzle.

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