The Medusa Touch

We’ve finished working on a technical / promotional 3D animation that features a scary, CGI snake that can transform itself into an awesomely efficient cutting tool.

This 3D technical animation is for Houston and Aberdeen-based engineering firm Abrado, who specialise in the plugging and abandonment of old oil wells. ‘Medusa’ is designed to slide into a pipeline, cut it and plug the pipe with a concrete plug. Medusa’s unique technology ensures a perfect seal to eliminate gas leaks and expensive return trips. Taking our lead from the tool’s name we have had fun with CGI, creating a realistic, black snake.

Like the Medusa tool it is sleek and black, with fearsome jaws. The snake can smell gas leaks and transform itself into the cutting tool. This unusual approach has given the film a strong visual image to make this young brand more memorable

Signal in Aberdeen produce 3D animation for a wide range of sectors. These include 2D explainer videos, HSE visitor safety inductions, and marketing or 3D product animations.

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