Watching The Dolphin Watchers

‘Greyhope Bay’ is one of the charities that received a sizeable donation from Port of Aberdeen’s Community Action Trust in 2021.  The Harbour is one of our longstanding clients, so to celebrate our tenth anniversary, signal offered our video production services and a free promotional video to all the successful charities.

Greyhope Bay have installed a stunning new dolphin observation Centre at Torry Battery. Built from repurposed haulage containers, the Greyhope Bay Centre commands wonderful panoramic views across Aberdeen’s North Harbour and Greyhope Bay right round to the new South Harbour being built in Nigg Bay. It’s a fabulous site for spotting sea life including dolphins who like to play around the ships which pass constantly through the mouth of the existing North Harbour.

The new Centre includes a café and an outdoor deck with seating. It will offer a variety of educational programmes, and family friendly activities, including live performances, within the Battery Courtyard. All this will enhance a much-loved local landmark and provide welcome sustenance and shelter against the strong winds with which locals are very familiar!

The Centre opened in April, and we were there to film the opening weekend and put together a film to help promote this excellent charity which is providing opportunities to educate visitors about our wonderful local sea life. We, at Signal, produced a short marketing video to help promote the facility and encourage visitors.

Find out more here: Greyhope Bay