Childs Play

When toy retailer Keycraft asked us to make them a promotional film for their unique ‘carousel’ toy display units we were reminded of the famous quote by W.C. Fields, “Never work with children and animals”. In fact, we had a blast.

But first we had to get organised: this project required us to film in a real toy department, after hours. Having secured the perfect location (thanks to the good folk at our local branch of Dobbies) our film crew moved in after closing time, and began setting up tracks, lighting and a temporary ‘green room’ for our school-aged cast and their chaperones.

We had just three hours to complete the shoot, but it went without a hitch. The result is two colourful energetic films, tailored to Keycraft’s English-and French-speaking customers around the world.
And, sorry W.C., the kids were some of the most professional performers we have worked with!

You can watch the film here

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