Community Service

We were commissioned to make a series of films for Aberdeenshire Council. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we were forced to postpone filming twice. Happily, we have now managed to complete all the filming.

The films promote the Council’s LEADER programme which provides funding for local enterprises in the county, via three dedicated groups NALAG, SALAG and NESFLAG, who were responsible for reviewing applications and distributing the vital funds.

Kirsty Macleod, European Programmes Co-ordinator at Aberdeenshire Council said: “We are excited to be working with signal on this project which gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the great projects that have benefitted from LEADER and EMFF funding and the positive impacts these European-funded programmes have for our local communities in Aberdeenshire”

We spent two solid weeks on location, filming a cross section of over 100 organisations that have benefited from the scheme. These range from charities to community groups to small local businesses, who have received nearly £6m of funding from Scottish Government and the EU.

The variety of the projects was fascinating and, after months of being stuck indoors, everyone involved really appreciated the chance to get out into the Spring sunshine and talk about these positive success stories. We were extremely lucky with the weather, although we did get wet a few times!

The project is now in post-production, and we have already completed 18 of the 22 films, which are due to be released this month.