Fishing for the Future

We’ve produced a marketing film to help promote Fraserburgh Harbour’s ambitious expansion plans.

Fraserburgh is a busy fishing port whose history goes back centuries. The port has provided jobs in the local community for generations, and the fortunes of the town are closely connected to the fortunes of the port.

As industry practices have changed, the harbour is unable to cater to some of the larger fishing vessels that now operate in the North Sea or attract some of the other burgeoning industry sectors in the Northeast of Scotland, such as renewable energy.

Fraserburgh Harbour is looking to capitalise on these opportunities by submitting plans to expand the harbour to accommodate larger vessels and more diverse industry sectors.

As part of the planning process, they commissioned us to make a film that would visualise the harbour expansion plans and explain the benefits of the expansion to the wider community.

Worker watching harbour construction

We used a combination of aerial filming in 5.1k resolution and ground level filming around the port to tell the story of the harbour’s relationship with the town. These images were superimposed with dynamic motion graphics to illustrate the position and plan of the harbour extension.

Two new 400-metre breakwaters will create space for larger vessels. Three of the existing harbour entrances will be widened to accommodate larger fishing vessels. Multiple sections will be deepened. Despite the scale of the changes, the work will be done sensitively to minimise impact on the environment.

Pamela Neri, Fraserbugh Harbour’s Commercial Manager, said, Signal have created an excellent video for us. Their attention to detail and the time spent with us to really understand our purpose and vision shines through.”

The marketing film will be used to raise awareness about the project in the community and promote the project to potential stakeholders and customers.

Two people working on Fraserburgh Harbour

We are proud to play a small part in this project which has the potential to secure existing jobs and create new opportunities for people in the Fraserburgh community.

Click here to watch the video now.

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