Future Proofing

We have always taken pride with quality of our work and continue to place this above all other considerations. Our discipline combines creativity with technology. While the creativity is something we nurture and encourage within our team, the technology part requires regular review and investment. That’s why we proactively research and stay ahead of new technologies and have always produced videos to a high standard. All of this is a long-winded way to explain that we’ve been shopping!

We’ve invested in two new 4K cameras. Not because we couldn’t make our minds up (although the market is packed with a bewildering array of excellent products these days) but because we wanted the right tools for the jobs we do. Both shoot at 4K and are compatible with our existing collection of lenses.

Future Proofing
Future Proofing

Our main camera is the brand-new Cinema Line Sony FX6, an all-round roaring beast packed with lots of amazing features, including the ability to shoot at an extraordinary 120 frames per second, giving super-crisp images and incredible slow motion. It’s an approved camera for Netflix projects. The Sony A7s III is a mirrorless full frame camera which gives us easy portability in tight locations but amazing images even in low light. The higher resolution generates bigger video file sizes, so we also invested in Atomos external recorders to hold our camera footage. We also bought a range of new full frame new lenses.

We have already started using them on projects and we look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

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