HydraCT Animation

We were delighted when HydraWell contacted us to make a second bespoke technical 3D animation, this time for their new HydraCT tool.

HydraWell are an engineering company who have developed a range of tools specifically designed for Plug & Abandonment of oil and gas wells.

With a self-rotating, jet-propulsion tool, HydraCT travels down the well, perforates the pipe and pumps in concrete, creating a solid plug, so that the well can be safely abandoned.

When you need to show the tool working but it’s impossible to film with camera and crew, animation is always the way forward.

HydraCT animation Interval Perforated

To create an accurate digital model of the tool we started with the client’s original engineering CAD model.

This ensured all dimensions, movements and textures were exact before the digital model was given realistic rubber and metal textures, making for an almost photoreal model.

We also modelled a stylised environment, representing the pipe work and rock layers under the seafloor.

HydraCT was then animated to show its P&A processes, step by step, following our scripted voiceover.

Once the animation was complete, our editors added sound effects and music.

All these elements combined to create a sleek, scientific, technical film demonstrating the unique functions and features of the HydraCT tool.

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