Port of Aberdeen: Rebranded!

After 900 years of history, Aberdeen Harbour changed its name, becoming the Port of Aberdeen. This rebranding is part of the Port’s wider strategic repositioning, and while a name change may seem simple enough, it’s a complex and delicate exercise in PR, especially for an organisation as big as the Port of Aberdeen!

Once the decision was made , the change needed to be effectively communicated to stakeholders, businesses, and the wider public. This needed to be done in a catchy and efficient way, so that the message reached as many people as possible – what better way of doing so than video? That’s why Aberdeen Harbour asked for our help…

We were tasked with creating a short and catchy 2D Animation, outlining the organisation’s new brand and the port’s broader strategic goals and vision for the future, all in under a minute!

Here’s the animation we created, which has been selected by DesignRush as best animated video design!

This video is part of our ongoing relationship with the Port of Aberdeen, for whom we’ve created dozens of videos on a range of topics: from updates on the massive South Harbour project  to Supporting their charitable trust and other important corporate messaging.

We produce a variety of animations for our clients, as well as live-action videos, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want help getting your message across!