We were proud to work with Norwegian energy company Equinor, and global PR agency Weber Shandwick, on a film about the Rosebank Development.

The Rosebank Development is the largest undeveloped discovery in the UKCS. At it’s peak it could produce 69,000 barrels of oil per day. Equinor said this about the project:

“Rosebank has been designed to be electrification-ready from start-up and we are working with government and industry to pursue a regional solution for power from shore to Rosebank and nearby fields to minimise the carbon footprint from production.

This decision follows years of work to develop our plans to maximise oil and gas recovery from the field, while ensuring we are producing with as little environmental impact as possible.

Rosebank is just one of our many energy projects in the UK and is part of our portfolio which allows us to be a broad energy partner, which also includes offshore wind, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage.”

Due to recent geopolitical events, oil & gas use remains an essential part of the UK’s broad energy mix. While this has a negative impact on the push for Zero Carbon emissions, it is currently the only way to ensure the UK’s energy security. This is why Rosebank, the largest untapped oil reserve in the North Sea, is so important, and why Norwegian energy company Equinor are determined to be as carbon neutral as possible in the recovery of those fuels.

This remains a controversial subject and we were pleased to help Equinor lay out the facts as simply as possible in a film intended to explain their approach. The film features Alex Grant, Equinor UK Country Manager, and Aud Lisbeth Hove, Rosebank Project Director.

Our shoot with Alex took place with Tower Bridge and the beautiful London skyline acting as a backdrop. We filmed as the sun was setting and the urban lights shone brightly. London was deliberately chosen to illustrate the UK’s continued demand for energy. For her part of the film, Aud was filmed at Black Dog Beach in Aberdeen, selected to represent Equinor’s offshore expertise.

During the video, Aud and Alex explain the importance of generating energy in a sustainable way. How Equinor are reducing their carbon emissions in the exploration and the recovery of oil & gas. The aim is that the Rosebank installation (a repurposed floating platform) will use renewables to power itself – a process called electrification. You can watch the film here.

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