One of the best things about doing what we do is we often get to see things other people do not. Our recent promotional film with NorthLink Ferries is a good example.

This film was part of a promotional campaign on the introduction of Smartcard tickets on NorthLink Ferries. It required us to shoot on a ferry at Aberdeen Harbour, but with a strict finish so that it could take on passengers and set sail for Orkney and Shetland. We saw the stuff regular passengers do not, including the hardworking team of staff who clean and change over all the cabins, and replenish the provisions. It was like a military operation, and we tried not to get in the way!

That same afternoon we had exclusive use of a double-decker bus, kindly donated by Stagecoach. We felt like Cliff Richard & the Shadows as we cruised through Aberdeen in our very own bus!

The new film is now being shown online and all NorthLink vessels and terminals.

NorthLink promotional campaign