New Year, New Harbour

With the South Harbour project near completion, we’ve produced our latest update video for Port of Aberdeen. Keith Young, the project director, walks us through how far they’ve come over five years and how much of a difference the new harbour has already made to Aberdeen.

South Harbour is committed to its’ multi-million-pound expansion. It is the largest marine infrastructure project underway in the UK and the largest Trust Port in history.

Signal started working with Port of Aberdeen in 2018, to make a series of marketing videos. In that time over 9,000 accropodes were made and placed onsite, they’ve welcomed the first commercial vessel – Subsea 7’s Seven Atlantic dive support vessel, with 60 arrivals in 2022 and it’s the largest port by berthage in all of Scotland. The £400m South Harbour expansion is open for business. They’re looking forward to welcoming cruise ships in the near future, and have just welcomed the biggest vessel to Aberdeen ever.

We have made many dynamic, engaging marketing videos to showcase the South Harbour construction progress. They feature key spokespeople and freshly filmed footage. Another project we created is ‘We are Port of Aberdeen’ which is a 2D animated marketing video to help re-brand the 900 year old port and highlight the capabilities and benefits of the newly expanded Port of Aberdeen.

This vital work taking place at the South Harbour will have an incredible effect on the city of Aberdeen. It will increase tourism due to cruise ships docking, having a positive impact on the local economy.

We look forward to seeing the South Harbour project completed and continuing our work with Port of Aberdeen.